Story of the Name

Dylan and Violeta met in Kuna Yala in the islands of San Blas. They fell in love in Ecuador, met again in Brazil.  Dylan moved from Canada to Southern Califonia and married Peruvian-born, NYC-raised Violeta.

When Violeta met Dylan, she felt he was a Sage. When Dylan was in Argentina, he told Violeta he was going to see the Iguazu falls at the border of Argentina and Brazil. Violeta told him she’d be there with him in spirit on his shoulder. While at the Iguazu Falls a random tourist pointed to Dylan’s shoulder and said, “es Violeta” – Violeta is purple in Spanish… A purple butterfly had landed on his shoulder and “the Sage & the Butterfly” was born.

After years in Southern California, we bought a fifth wheel trailer and after doing some remodeling, we are traveling the Americas with our dogs in our gypsy caravan, indefinitely… Creating, living, exploring, bringing you stories and handcrafted treasures at

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